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Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation

Spread the word and share the love!

WILD IRISH by Jennifer Saints is free from July 11-13th.  50% of the proceeds through Sept 30th from the whole Weldon Series (WILD IRISH, SMOOTH IRISH, HARD IRISH) goes to Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation to help women, children, and their…

March Madness

March Madness Hop!

To celebrate that spring and love will soon be in the air, despite the recent mega snow storm blanketed the country.  I am getting together with a number of authors to give away lots of  great prizes.  Go here for…

Tactical Deception

Open the Flood Gates!

Before I delve into the release of book two in my Silent Warrior Series, first let me share a wonderful experience I was honored to have just a few weeks ago.  Southwest Florida Romance Writers had their annual conference and…

The Mistress Of Trevelyan

New Year! New Start! New Hope!

Is anyone's head spinning as fast as mine?  2011 moved so quickly that I feel as if I have been thrust into a time machine and propelled against my will into the future. Maybe finding that much needed job and…

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