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Jesse Weldon as described by Alexi Jordan

Wild Irish Ride

Alexi blinked as heat invaded the chill that had stolen through her since she’d seen the pictures of Roger. She tingled as she looked at the rugged face and chiseled chest of the man who’d just saved her from falling. Half a day’s stubble covered his rough jaw, and his deep sea-blue eyes, crinkled at the corners from the sun, warily assessed her then stared at her mouth. Tension oozed from him. She had no trouble connecting the man to the wild devil who’d led her astray years ago then broke her heart.

Small towns had there good side and bad side of the tracks, and the Weldon boys had been know a time or two to paint their side a bit blacker. Jesse’s reputation had been the worst.

Now that you have read the description let’s have a little fun with my fictional heroes. The lucky ladies who have read the stories might have a bit of an advantage because they have a good idea what my heroes look like…everywhere. For those who haven’t read the stories, don’t worry, just imagine what the rest of my hero looks like.

Here’s the challenge. You’ve just inherited your long lost relative’s business in Hollywood. This book is being made into a movie. Below are the actors you have to choose from to be the hero of this story. Which one would you choose and why?

Bon appetit!

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