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Top Pick Review for Wild Irish Ride by Jennifer Saints!

Wild Irish RideWild Irish [Ride]

4.75 STARS

From Night Owl Reviews

Author: Jennifer Saints

Genre: Contemporary

Reviewed by: Talina


Determined to keep her head held high, Alexi Jordan leaves her two timing groom at the alter without a second glance. Only she didn’t count on the knight in shining armor from her past to whisk her away and show her what she almost missed out on. Now if she could only convince herself not to fall in love with him again while solving the mystery behind who was out to kill her.


Twelve years ago wrong side of the tracks bad boy, Jesse Weldon, was framed for a crime he didn’t commit by the blue-blooded Jordan family. Now he’s back in Savannah with his highly successful security company to put the Weldon name on the right side of the tracks. Unfortunately, before he can even make a move in that direction, he runs into Alexandria Jordan and ends up making the same mistake he did before. He succumbs to her allure, but this time, he plans on getting her out of his system for good and walking away.

Except for a few wild moments with Jesse at seventeen, Alexi Jordan has followed the life expected of her. But a Wedding Day betrayal from her blue-blooded fiancé has her running from her life and right into the arms of the man she’d never forgotten, Jesse. Yet as she forges a new future for herself amid the scandal of her aborted wedding, Alexi finds herself the target of a twisted killer and both her and Jesse’s days are now numbered.


He was hard and smooth all over, Alexandria Jordan thought as her gaze focused on the broadness of the man’s chest and the nuances of light and shadow playing upon muscle and flesh.


What a unique way to deliver a story book! I have never read a book that has beautiful photographs that help show the story. While the story is excellent without the photographs, they did add another level of sensuality and connection to the story. Definitely worth all the work and effort that went behind adding all those beautiful photos to the story.

When I stepped into Wild Irish, it was like going home. Being from a southern Irish family, I connected with this story and it’s characters instantly. Jennifer Saints has written a story rich with southern flavor and attitude. She didn’t miss the fact that being southern is an art! The author took a wild and sensual bad boy, tempted him with a southern princess, and delivered a passionate romance riddled with a mystery that left me wondering who would be out to kill Alexandria Jordan. While the passion was high between Jesse and Alexi, the author also weaved a lot of emotion into the story that showed us who exactly the hero and heroine were. Through the there actions and the people they cared for, I got to ‘see’ them both from within, making me care for each of them and the ending they would have. I also enjoyed the fantasies lived out between the hero and heroine. They gave the story an sensual touch making me want to continue reading to find out more. While not an erotic read, the author added a spice to the romance that scorched the pages, but with an eloquence that I would love to see in more books.


Wild Irish took place in the hot and humid city of Savannah, Georgia with a couple of short escapes to a small villa in France. The trips were picture perfect might I add!


Given the Ms. Saints has three pseudonyms, I thought I would be reading a book that was much like her other books under her different names. I was pleasantly surprised to find out her writing style was very unique to this book and her pseudonym, Jennifer Saints. Her signature flair for detail never faltered; however she added a wit and charm that made her work stand out among her other books as distinctive. And the use of those southern expressions was pure gold!


Alexandria ‘Alexi’ Jordan was a character that reminded me of where I came from. A southern lady with a hidden wild streak running down the middle waiting for the perfect bad boy to come along and show her how to let loose and have fun. A very responsible, loving woman, that cared for those around her and one special little girl in particular that held her heart. Through that little girl I got a glimpse of what unselfishness in meant to look like. A lesson lies within Alexi’s character and story that I found very touching and motivating.

Alexi’s love interest is no less that the perfect gentleman in my eyes. Not that kind of gentleman that won’t risk giving a lady a kiss for propriety, no, the kind of gentleman that has enough guts to reach out kiss a lady to true happiness because he knows it will make her smile. That is the kind of gentleman Jesse Weldon is. A man that protects reaches out even though he knows he shouldn’t, and has a heart the size of Texas. And on the flip side, he is like all southern men, straight to the point and stubborn. That stubbornness is what gets him every time he realizes he is falling into something he doesn’t believe in – love. It was fun to watch him squirm and struggle against the pull of one Alexi Jordan!


Wild Irish is a beautiful story of love and family with a twisted plot filled with mystery. I enjoyed following both characters through discovering their feelings for one another and through unraveling who was behind all the attacks. I already have book two in my hands, waiting for me to dive in! The Weldon Brothers are going to be one hell of a series to follow.

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