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March Madness Hop!

March MadnessTo celebrate that spring and love will soon be in the air, despite the recent mega snow storm blanketed the country.  I am getting together with a number of authors to give away lots of  great prizes.  Go here for all of the FUN!   I’m also going to be completely insane myself and offer a free ebook for tweets!  Let’s see if we can get twitter humming with romance this spring.  Tweet about either Wild Irish by Jennifer Saints @jenniferstgiles or THE MISTRESS OF TREVELYAN by Jennifer St. Giles @jenniferstgiles and receive that book free.




Cocktail CoveAs for ATE_PointOfNoReturn300other Madness happening in March.  I am working on two (TWO) books at the same time.  One a historical paranormal (Aerik the Eternal: Point of No Return) that is part of a CRAVE brand that I am doing with two fabulous and fun author friends of mine.  See their books below and the other is a sexy contemporary comedy called Cocktail Cove where James Weldon will make a short appearance into Ben Harding’s life just before life shakes up Ben and Nakita and pours them over the rocks!  I will be going to LA in the middle of the month for some special fun.  I will share it as soon as it happens.  It’s all part of planning a spectacular event on June 8th to raise money for the Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation.   As soon as I can, I will be announcing just how FANTASTIC it will be!

For now let me tell you about my friends books that are part of the CRAVE brand.


HHe's No Angele’s No Angel by Jacquie D’Alessandro

Tristan Barrington, Earl of Ryland, has been stuck for nearly two centuries in a prison-like limbo between Heaven and Hell, ever since his death in 1820. The only way out is to perform the good deeds assigned to him by his nemesis, the mysterious angel Task Director, Alessandra Foscari. Unfortunately for him, she always assigns him tasks that involve helping human couples find True Love, and cynical Tristan is not a romantic guy. After a bunch of failures, he now has one final chance to earn his angel wings– or it’s off to Hell for him. Not good. And even worse? He only has a few weeks to make this latest couple fall in love. And worst of all? His couple is not cooperating

Here’s the Buy Link.




Sparked by Wendy Etherington

Sparks fuel desire… When a rebellious sorcerer of New Mystic City steals the Queen’s ancient and powerful scepter, warrior witch and security commander Abia Quinn is charged with the vital mission of retrieving the vital artifact, but she doesn’t count on a startling encounter with NYPD lieutenant Nick Westin, who unknowingly has captivating and rare powers of his own.

Here’s the Buy Link.

More coming from me in March.


Happy Reading

Jennifer St. Giles, JL Saint, Jennifer Saints

And remember every day to Dream Believe, Create, Inspire, Love, Heal

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