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A Great Review For Hard Irish Luck!

Hard Irish LuckDear Readers and friends!

I have been Busy trying to get ready for Christmas, working and buying impractical but fun things for Christmas.  Will share more when I have a moment to breathe, but wanted to let you know about a review that brought a smile to my face.  Merry Christmas and LOL ebooks make great presents.







Book Review: Hard Irish Luck by Jennifer Saints

This book was reviewed for Night Owl Reviews

Hard Irish
by Jennifer Saints
Series: Weldon Brothers, Book Three
Release Date: September, 2012
Publisher: SP
Source: Author
Age Group: Adult
Category: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Pages:  275 pages in Print format
Available Formats:

My Rating:
4.5 Stars

Back of the Book:

Hard hat in hand, Jared Weldon goes undercover, but the answers he finds at McKenna Construction leaves him drowning in passion — and hard up against a killer…
   Hoping against hope, he crept up the spiral stairs and reached the center of the rotunda of the captain’s walk. The sun was a pink-purple haze in the distance and the day had yet to shift from the gray shades of the night. Shadows filled her roof-top oasis and honeysuckle scented the air, but Rocky wasn’t there. He moved to the edges and started scanning the perimeter of her yard. Within seconds, he found her-dark silhouette swimming beneath the surface of the pool.
   He didn’t know whether to shout in anger or cry in relief as he went back inside and excited through the downstairs French doors. All he did know is his body shook. He reached the poolside about the time she surfaced for a breath. Going to his knees he got as close to her as he could.
    “Bang. Bang. You’re dead.” His voice was rough and harsh.
    She gaped and swung around to look at him. “Jared?”
    “No. It’s Ted Bundy or whoever the hell it is who’s after you. You promised you wouldn’t go outside.”
First Line:
“We’re screwed.” Bleary eyed and muttering, Jared Weldon stumbled across the spacious living room, giving the bottle of Macallan 18 on the coffee table a wide berth.
My Review:
Jennifer Saints has done it again! The Weldon brothers are back and with a new danger that could put them all at risk of losing more than they have ever bargained against.
Hard Irish starts off with a bang— no pun intended—maybe! We meet the hero, Jared Weldon, while he’s living up his bachelorhood to the nth degree alongside his identical twin brother, James Weldon. One bad choice after another has led them to the verge of losing their construction company. Before the doors close for good though they have one last chance to redeem themselves, only that opportunity is quickly lost when they are out bid by another local contracting company. Determined to find out what makes the other company better than theirs, Jared strikes out on his own to do a little background digging that leads him directly into the path of a his competitor, one sexy Irish woman that takes his breath away with a single kiss, and one unforgiving killer that will stop at nothing to get what they want.
Rocky McKenna fought tooth and nail to raise her father’s construction company from the ruins it was almost fated to land in. Her hard Irish determination, skill, and a little luck is the only thing that turned everything around for her. But her hard earned success is in danger from a past she knows nothing of and anyone with a clue is being killed off.
Family history can be deadly especially when dealing with lost diamonds and murders never solved. Ms. Saints has brought it all to the table in a sizzling romantic suspense as one event after another brings together two lives all the while unraveling a mystery better left unsolved. With each clue a new unthinkable discovery falls into Rocky’s lap. She won’t go in it alone though. She has one hard Irishman with her and dead set on sticking close by through it all to make sure no harm comes to her while they solve who is out to kill her. Yet, to do so Jared will have to tell his own pack of lies that add another layer of deceit he can only hope won’t ruin any chance he has at a new life full of meaning and love.
Jennifer Saints is on my must-read list. Her ability to weave together a suspenseful plot rich in history with a romance that steals my heart has me coming back for more with each new release. With action packed drama and intense dialogue her stories keep the pages turning and the imaginations soaring. Hard Irish met all my expectations and has me wanting more of the Weldon brothers alrea
Thank you Talina and Night Owl Reviews.
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