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Hard Irish Luck a recommended must read by Joyfully Reviewed!

Hard Irish LuckExcited to share some good news just in time to add to the Christmas Cheer!  Hard Irish Luck is a December recommended must read.  Lots going on this month.  Recuperating from that awful chest cold making the rounds, getting ready to spend next weekend in Manhattan!  My first time seeing the Big Apple at Christmas time.  And I am working hard to finish the first book in my Crimson Thorn Series, a paranormal vampire stories set in Regency England. So look for Aerik the Eternal: Point of No Return to arrive soon.  Meanwhile, here is what Joyfully Reviewed had to say about Hard Irish Luck.






Hard Irish Luck by Jennifer Saints
Weldon Brothers, Book 3
Jennifer Saints
Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by Miranda

Jared Weldon and his twin brother have been living the hard partying lifestyle and it’s finally catching up with them.  Their construction business is going downhill and the competition is getting fierce.  Jared decides it’s time to check out the competition and when he does he discovers more than he ever bargained for.

Rocky McKenna is making her family’s business McKenna Construction a huge success.  It hasn’t been simple taking over since her father’s stroke but she’s handling it.  However, it seems that someone has it out for her after recent events.

Jared’s attempt to get an insight on the competition lands him in hot water. He’s attracted to Rocky and it seems she may be in danger. What’s a good Weldon man to do?  Protect her of course. However, you generally tell people who you really are before you burst into their life. What will Rocky think when she learns who Jared really is?  And will Jared be able to protect her if she turns him away?

Jennifer Saints revisits her Weldon Brother series in style with Hard Irish Luck.  I was having my doubts at the beginning of this book as I watched the twins party it up.  But things rebounded quickly as Jared and Rocky connected. It’s impossible to miss the sizzle between these two characters.  They have one of those great moments when you have no idea who each other are and you simply connect on a visceral level.

I love Jared and Rocky.  An exciting thing about Hard Irish Luck is the extraordinary story. There is such a mystery surrounding what is happening to Rocky. For her this stuff is coming out of nowhere and the reader gets to discover the culprit along with Rocky. It is so much fun; I was completely enthralled with this story. Ms. Saints impresses me with her magical weaving of beautiful romance and a phenomenal plot.  Hard Irish Luck moved me in many ways. The romance between Rocky and Jared is amazing.  The mysterious plot kept me on the edge of my seat and revisiting the Weldon family is icing on the cake. Hard Irish Luck is a MUST READ and I’m Joyfully Recommending it!

Thank you Miranda and all of the hard working reviewers at Joyfully Reviewed.

Happy Reading Love

Jennifer St. Giles/ Jennifer Saints/ JL Saint



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