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Aragon as described by Annette Batista

The Lure of the Wolf

The dynamic alphaness of the man matched Jared’s, except that this man was rougher. The only thing that softened his warrior-sharp features was the black silk of his long hair and the luxuriance of his water-spiked lashes. Dark-coffee eyes flashed with irritation and confusion above a nose that, though perfectly straight, seemed so bent with badass attitude, you’d swear it had to have been broken in a fight or two. His full mouth and the knock-‘em-dead cleft in his chin were set too grim to ever be sensual, but that didn’t stop the stomach-clenching tough of feeling his lips on her.

Now that you have read the description let’s have a little fun with my fictional heroes. The lucky ladies who have read the stories might have a bit of an advantage because they have a good idea what my heroes look like…everywhere. For those who haven’t read the stories, don’t worry, just imagine what the rest of my hero looks like.

Here’s the challenge. You’ve just inherited your long lost relative’s business in Hollywood. This book is being made into a movie. Below are the actors you have to choose from to be the hero of this story. Which one would you choose and why?

Bon appetit!

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