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Collateral Damage Review – Book Junkie Review

Collateral DamageBook Junkie Review 

In COLLATERAL DAMAGE by J.L. SAINT, book 1 in the Silent Warrior Series I was simply blown away.

Lauren is about to be divorced to a man she comes to find out she really never knew, so many secrets, so many betrayals come to life right before her eyes. And now on her doorstep is the sexy as hell leather weapon who claims to know her husband or at least something about his death. Jack is bruised and battered, internally and emotionally, so on the hunt he goes back to the states to find out what the hell happened that day in Lebanon that destroyed his team, leaving one dead, one blind and rest severely hurt and just as damaged mentally as well as physically as Jack.

There are so many unanswered questions that need answers but first and foremost Jack needs to find out what Lauren knows about her husbands terrorist dealing. All the while trying to not get killed from all the bad guys chasing them and killing off everyone in their path!

You want action, you got it in the thrilling suspenseful romance that holds hands with the domestic and international terrorism. Frankly it was scary as hell the things that happened to Jack and Lauren and just when you think things might be going their way, finally they have been given a break, the author does that unthinkable thing that makes all who reading gasp in horror and read every word hanging onto the hope that the characters that they have fallen for and cheering for will make it through the next few pages. Whether it was the supporting cast of characters which included some of Jack’s Delta Force team or Lauren’s loyal friend Angela or even the wife of a dead comrade you can’t help but invest 100% of your heart into their every action.

Talk about on the edge of your seat, there are several bad guys in this story and so many supporting storylines that cross paths. But at no time was I confused or overwhemed.
Let a terrorist take her? Not over his dead body and damned soul…

Silent Warrior, Book 1

One thing makes Jack Hunter invaluable to his Delta Force Team. The same trait that makes him suck at relationships. Single-minded focus on his career—and honing his ability to never miss a kill.

After a terrorist missile devastates his team and leaves him with only partial memory of a FUBARed rescue mission, he retains only one clear picture no one believes: the last face in his gunsight belonged to a prestigious American businessman. The man’s wife has to know something, but the only way to get to her is go AWOL.

After her husband trades his family to tango with double-Ds, Lauren Collins decides her dogs are better judges of character. She’s unaware how far her soon-to-be-ex’s web of deceit reaches—until the only thing between her, her sons and a killer is a wounded Delta soldier who activates her sorely neglected X-chromosome like nobody’s business.

Their instant attraction is kryptonite to Jack’s injury-dulled edge. Thrust into a world of peril, political treachery and treason, Lauren has no choice but to trust Jack with her life. Even if she and her sons survive, she’s not sure her heart will…

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