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Win Big Today, Second Chances Tomorrow, and Playing Catch Up

Midnight SecretsGood Morning it is time to Breath, Dream, Create, Inspire, Love and Heal!  So go forth and spread the seeds as you make it through your day.  Be sure to stop by Publisher Weekly’s Beyond Her Book Blog by Barbara Vey.  She is having her 4th Annual Anniversary Bash and giving away a ton of prizes.   Today is for all of us mystery, suspense, and thriller writers out there!  I will be giving away two copies of J.L. Saint’s COLLATERAL DAMAGE, two copies of Jennifer St. Giles’ MIDNIGHT SECRETS Books, and two copies of Jennifer Saints’ WILD IRISH RIDE!  PS I hear that Nathan Fillion and Alex O’Loughlin will be there…in body if not in mind.

Tomorrow, not only will the sun come up but Jennifer St. Giles will be featured on Readers  I will be talking about Second Chances for love and MIDNIGHT SECRETS, so stop by and share your second chance at love story.

I have recently dropped the ball in my seven suspenseful sentence Sundays so here are some SEXY Suspenseful Sentences from MIDNIGHT SECRETS to make up for it!

Knowing Sean’s picture hung in the shadows made me feel as if I’d entered his bedchamber. I tiptoed across the thick rug, smelling the lemon and beeswax scent lingering from the cleaning Bridget and I had given the room earlier. I also detected a hint of something else, and sniffed the air as I pulled from the shelf several of the Druid books that were mixed in with the vampire books. Mastery of Druid Magic. The Sacred and Profane Rites and Rituals of the Druids and their Children. The Druids’ Thirst for Humans.

“You surprise me. I thought it would take longer for you to meet me.”

“Oh!” I jumped in fright, sending the books flying as I juggled the candle. “Meet you?” Turning fast, I found myself face to face with Sean, or face to chest to be more accurate. This time the casual cotton of a white shirt lay soft and inviting across his broad shoulders and supple flesh.

Warmth and mystery emanated from him, and I clenched my fist to keep from reaching out to touch him. To see his face, I had to tilt my head and retreat a step, which brought my back against the bookcase. Leaning toward me, he planted his hands on the shelf behind me, trapping me between his arms, blocking my escape. An escape I am sure I would have made, had my mind been capable of thought.

It wasn’t, just at present.

The dampness of his hair and the smooth line of his jaw, combined with the fresh scent of soap and spice, told me he’d just come from his bath. We stood so close I could count the flecks of green and gold in the irises of his eyes. Having all of his dangerous male appeal so unexpectedly close disconcerted me to the point that all I did was stare at him. The only thing keeping his body from pressing into mine as it had during his kiss was the flickering candle in my unsteady hand.

He blew the candle out.”

TACTICAL DECEPTION is coming along slowly, but nicely and I look forward to sharing tidbits of that soon.  Have a great day today and don’t forget to Believe, Dream, Create, Inspire, Love, and Heal.


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