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Waving Hello!

Tactical DeceptionHard! Hot! Heroic!

Waving Hello from my writing rabbit hole.  Things have been fast and furious here at home as I try and get my head into TACTICAL DECEPTION, Book two in my Silent Warrior Series (I think my new cover will definitely help rivet my attention to Roger and Mari’s story, or ***cough***cough *** he might be just another distraction.  Anyway back to the fast and furious train of thought.  I am doing edits for the Upcoming release of DARKEST DREAMS, Book Two in the Killdaren Series, as well as getting read for the RT Book Club Convention in LA.

If you are coming to LA please stop by the RT Club room and say hello to me.  I will either be at one of the signing tables or at the table!  I am looking forward to the fun and to all of the great workshops being offered about the film industry this year.  If you find yourself up and going on Wed. then plan on stopping to hear me and Barry Eisler talk about Sex in the Gritty.  I know there are a dozen things I am forgetting to mention here, like the release of MIDNIGHT SECRETS is coming up fast.  April 12th!!!

So I will pop in as I remember every this week and hope to see you in LA.  Meanwhile, meet Roger Weston in TACTICAL DECEPTION!

Good intentions didn’t pave the road to hell.  They only lead a man to that fiery pit.  Razor blades pave it.  White hot razor blades to be exact.  Lt. Col. Roger Weston knew that for a fact.  His ass was shredded to ribbons, on fire, and things were about to get even worse.  General Dekker was on the warpath and every agency with an acronym was crawling up every ass they could, including Roger’s, which left him in one hell of a bad mood.

He glanced over at SFC’s Jack “DT” Hunter and Beck Walker.  Their grim expressions matched his.  They’d all been called to Dekker’s office.  Only Rico Santana would escape the ass chewing.  He was on medical leave and luckily had flown to Atlanta this morning.  Technically DT was on medical leave, too, but Dekker had called him in after hearing DT was in town.

Between the protesters today and the bomb threats a couple of weeks back, Ft. Bragg had become a circus and right or wrong Dekker was holding Roger and his men partially responsible.  Not only because he, DT and Beck had voluntarily stepped in the shit that was causing the stink now, but also because they’d deliberately kept Dekker in the dark about what was going down until it was too damn late to stop them.  That meant anytime Dekker caught flack from the fallout of their actions, he’d shove it in their faces.

And it wasn’t over yet.  Not by a long shot.

Spring is here and life is full of promise

Remember to Dream, Believe, Create, Inspire, Love and Heal


Jennifer St. Giles/J.L. Saint/Jennifer Saints



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