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Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday Week Six

Collateral DamageGood Morning!  I hope everyone is well out there in cyberland.  The sun is shining bright and I just know spring will be a wonderful thing this year.  I’m a spring/summer person, always have been, must be from my Floridian roots.  Any way, I feel energetic and determined to get things done.

I’ve had an inspiring week.  Blasted myself out of hibernation and went to a book signing at Piedmont Hospital’s Cancer Wellness Center.  Nancy Waldeck, author of the Taste and Savor Cookbook, had a wonderful mini-buffet of her recipes as well as shared her path toward making her book-dream come true.  I highly recommend this tasty treasure and will be using the delicious, healthy recipes and wine tips myself daily.  They are that easy.  Writing doesn’t leave time for hours in the kitchen, nor for blogging either.  So, here’s the seven suspenseful sentences from Collateral Damage for today and I will be back later this week with some great news and the fabulous cover for my April release, a historical suspense, Midnight Secrets.

“Jack frowned and fisted his hands, feeling as frustrated with his current situation as he did with his flashbacks to Lebanon.
Lauren looked up at him. “You’re serious about going to Brazil?”

“I think I’ll call her first, see what she says, how she reacts to my questions, okay.”

Lauren nodded, her relief evident. Suddenly pain stabbed a hot dagger into Jack’s brain followed by a loud pop. The bullet plowing into his skull had come out of nowhere, his knees buckled, and a dark tunnel swallowed him alive.”

With Jack shot, and a killer walking her way, Lauren will have to think fast.

Who is watching the Grammy’s tonight?

As Always,

Go Forth. Dream. Believe. Create. Inspire. Love.


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