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Five Stars for Smooth Irish Seduction

Smooth Irish SeductionFive Star Review for Smooth Irish [Seduction]

Smooth Irish ~ The Weldon Brothers Series Book 2 by Jennifer Saints
RELEASE DATE: May 20, 2009
CATEGORY: Contemporary Romance
MY RATING: Five Stars
*This ebook was provided to me by the author for review
Nan Miller needed to stick to her plan to reach her goals in life, and last she checked those plans didn’t include a sexy, dark haired, sultry eyed man. The only thing she forgot to calculate into her plan was the determination of one smooth bad boy looking to have his way. Jackson Weldon was comfortable behind his wall against the world. But when sexy Nan Miller walks into his life he’s not sure he can resist from getting close to her tempting curves and sweet lips.

SUMMARY: (blurb taken from publisher’s site)
Four years ago a tragedy made Jackson Weldon turn his back on life.  He wanted nothing more than doing a gig with his guitar every now and then to put a sandwich on his plate and gas in his tank.  But a few dates with Nan Miller several months ago had him finally wanting something more.  Her in his bed.  Only she walked before that happened and his hunger for her alone has grown until he can’t think of anything but her.

Nan has lived her life by a plan and she isn’t about to mess it up by getting involved with a man going nowhere.  That’s why she walked out on Jackson, seventy one days ago.  Only, she can’t get him out of her mind or escape him in her dreams, night or day.  So when he comes riding in on his Harley again, she wonders if she should take him up on his offer for an uninhibited weekend.  But their no strings ride leads them both to an end that changes everything they ever believed they wanted or deserved out of life.



Nan Miller smiled back at the baby blue staring her way and winked. “So, hot stuff, how about a date?”

Another wonderful graphic romance e-book filled with photographs that help satisfy the imagination and show the story.

After reading Wild Irish [Ride], I was eager to start the second book in the Weldon Brothers Series, Smooth Irish [Seduction].  The real to life connections between the characters formed a beautiful story that dealt with the pain of loss, family, and ultimately love. From this love the author painted a tale of how love can heal and soothe a wounded heart. She took a crippled soul unwilling to accept the support and love of his family reach out to him, hit him over the head with  feelings he didn’t want to recognize, then made damn sure his brothers were stubborn enough to give him an old fashion thrashing when nothing else worked. The intense emotions that flowed through the book pulled me in from the beginning and carried me to the finale. The author pulled together a solid plot with all the right ingredients – one handsome, sensual, and caring hero, one sexy and stubborn heroine, sexual tension and fantasy play that wrecked  havoc on my nerves and a beautiful ending that every romance reader will love! Much like the first book, Smooth Irish is not an erotica read, but the heat simmers across the pages when Jackson and Nan find out just how much chemistry they share.

Smooth Irish [Seduction] took place in the sweet southern city of Savannah, Georgia where the weather is beautiful one day and fatal the next.

In my review of book one, Wild Irish [Ride], I mention that Ms. Saints has taken her pseudonyms and made each one unique, as if three different people were writing under each name instead of one author. I don’t know how she can do it, but she does. Ms. Saint has created a wonderful series filled with her signature style for attention to detail while bringing out the more sultry side of her muse. The wit and charm each character brings to each story adds a flair that makes me want to pick up the next book immediately after finishing the last. I still love all the southern expressions sprinkled throughout both Wild Irish and Smooth Irish. Many of them will make you laugh and others will make you shake your head in understanding. And yes, southern mamas have no fear of breaking out the water hose when needed!

Growing up, Nan Miller didn’t have the strong family support she knew the Weldon family gave each other -no matter if they wanted it or not. She emitted a strength I wish I had. She was a stubborn, determined, and kind hearted southern lady that knew what she wanted. From an early age she had to work hard to climb above the hardships she suffered as a child. Much of that child hood molded the woman she grew into. I saw her as someone that needed to find a connection to love and until Jackson, only found that through her care giving as a maternity nurse. Through her actions with those under her care, her gentle nature with her love for plants and her deep understanding for Jackson’s pain, I found a heroine that I just loved.
From book one I was intrigued with Jackson Weldon. Always shunning the attention of others, I imagined his a hard case to crack. But as I read Smooth Irish I found that underneath his rough and tough exterior he hid from the world a man in need of someone stubborn and strong enough to deal with the pain that haunted him and then push him past it. I found it hard to read how such a strong man could be brought to his knees, but on the flip side it was rewarding to follow his story as he pulled himself up with the help of his family and the strength of love.

I absolutely loved this book! The characters, the plot, the emotions…all of it. Smooth Irish is a wonderful addition to the Weldon Brothers Series. I recommend this book to anyone that loves to read about wounded heroes and heroines strong enough to heal their souls. I am already wanting the next installment!!



USA Today Bestselling Author, Jennifer St. Giles writes Contemporary Paranormal and Gothic-Paranormal Historicals.  As J.L. Saint, she writes Contemporary Suspense/Thrillers and  as Jennifer Saints she writes Contemporary Romance, in the form of the first ever “Graphic” Novels (photos depicting scenes from the book with super hot models) for

Former nurse and homeschooling mother of three, Jennifer has won a number of awards for writing excellence including, two National Reader’s Choice Awards, two-time Maggie Award Winner, Daphne du Maurier Award winner, Romance Writers’ of America’s Golden Heart Award, along with RT Book Club’s Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Historical Gothic/Mystery of 2006.  She lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia with a boat load of kids and pets who make the household the wildest most wonderful Grand Central Station in existence.
You can check J.L. Saint – and all her writing alter egos – out at her site HERE.
MY RATING: Five Stars

Read my rating scale HERE.

Until next time…HAPPY READING!!!


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