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Hard Irish Luck is available now!

Hard Irish LuckWell, the Dog-days of summer bit my rear-end hard with health issues and all of my good intentions to have Hard Irish done by June 30th landed in the dust.  The good news is that it is here now!  As of Today you can get Book Three  of the Weldon Brothers Series on Amazon Kindle.   To celebrate this event, I am giving Wild Irish Ride, Book One in the series, away free in the Free-Fall Free Partay giveaway from September 19 through the 20th.  So, I hope you will take advantage of this sizzling hot offer.   Go to to see all of the great books you can get for free. LOL I made a pledge to write a little more frequently about my life’s events always ends up in my procrastination pile.  I often ask myself, Does someone really want to hear this?  I always feel as if I have to write something hugely interesting and worthwhile.  But then, maybe I am making mountains out of anthills.  So, I’m just going to plunge in head first and tell you what’s up, what my plans are, and share my writing dreams with you.  And we’ll see how that goes, because surely.even after a ten hour workday, I should be able to say…something, if only just a query on the best foot massage machine out there.


I will soon be meeting with some highly creative ladies with huge hearts and a daring vision for the charity I am involved with. Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation currently supports The Shade Tree in Las Vegas Nevada and Angels Of East Africa.  So if you have a spare prayer or two, please ask God to financially bless these needy causes.

On a lighter note and to make a long story short, due to a suitcase mix-up, I had the opportunity to visit a movie set a while back and will be going to the TV set of a popular show this fall, so I am looking forward to that.  Will post a picture or two if I can!

My current writing dreams are ambitious, but as I always say, shoot for the stars in the universe and you may end up with the moon!  Things you can look forward to are:

Aerik the Enternal:Point of No Return by Jennifer St. Giles  Book One of the Crimson Thorn Series.

Unleash the Past by Jennifer St. Giles Book One of the Blackshadow Bodyguards Series

Cocktail Cove by Jennifer Saints Book One of the Southern Steam Series

Bewitching the Wolf, Book Five of the Shadowmen Series.

And a the first in the Covenant Conspiracies, a Steampunk Series.

The only way any book gets written in one day at a time, one page at a time, so wish me well, I am so eager to finish all of these stories.

Now for an excerpt from Hard Irish Luck

The world wouldn’t end if he kissed her again.  Tonight.   All she had to do was walk down the stairs…

Rocky didn’t give herself time to question.  She put her feet in motion and tip-toed downstairs, though marching would have fit her mood better.  She was still sane enough to consider that he might have taken pain medication and might be asleep.  Rounding the corner into the living room, she found the couch empty and searched the shadows for Jared, then gasped.

He stood at the French doors, looking at the backyard.  He wore only a pair of form fitting boxer briefs and the hard-shelled boot strapped to his leg.  His crutches were back at the couch, so he’d already gone against his brother’s advice to keep weight off of his injury.  Somehow that didn’t surprise her.

What did take her breath away was the sight of him.  Every lean inch of him was honed and tanned to perfection.  He dropped the curtain and turned to face her.  His broad shoulders and rippled abs made her weak in the knees, but it was the want in his gaze that did her in.  It was as raw and edgy as her need, only sharper.

The hungry predator had found his juicy prey.    Had she actually thought she could share another roll-on-the-floor rock-her-world kiss and escape unscathed?

Rethink time.  “I came to see if you’re all right.”  She moved over to the couch and picked up his crutches, planning to take them to him.  “You should be using these.”

He didn’t wait, but moved her way—faster than she thought possible.    He reached her.  “They’d only be in the way of this.”

She didn’t have a chance to breathe before he caught her in his arms and planted his mouth on hers, instantly hot and demanding.    She opened to him, meeting the thrust of his tongue with hers, groaning deep from within as her starving senses found succor for her every want.  His tongue tangled with hers, leading her in a seductive dance unlike any other.

He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tight against his supple heat and burning erection.  She pressed her palms to his chest, half thinking to stem the flooding tide, but then went crazy in a quest to feel and know his every contour.  His muscles rippled as he shuddered at her touch.

Happy Reading!

Jennifer St. Giles/Jennifer Saints/ JL Saint

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  1. So excited for book 3! I had a hard time finding it in Amazon today but after putting “Hard Irish by Jennifer Saints” in the search box it popped up in the list of books! Looking forward to reading it – thanks Jennifer!

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