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Interview with Tim Parrish from NBC’s Love in the Wild: Season Two!

Cocktail CoveWhy is this romance writer writing about LOVE IN THE WILD?

Two reasons.  First, because love and fun is what romance is all about.  And season two of LOVE IN THE WILD looks to be full of both.  Second, because one of the men starring in LOVE IN THE WILD is on the cover of my upcoming book, COCKTAIL COVE.  In this author’s opinion, Tim Parrish makes this cover a very beautiful thing.   I’ll share more about the story later.  Today we have the special treat of hearing from Tim!

JENNI: What are the best things about growing up in Wisconsin and living in Chicago?

TIM: Growing up in Wisconsin was great because the neighborhoods I lived in had a lot of my friends in them or close by and were pretty safe for kids.  We had parks basically in my backyard that we were always playing sports in and just having good fun.  The move to Chicago in 2004 was a bit of a shock coming from smaller to medium town living to big city living.  This city always has stuff going on and more to offer as it pertains to entertainment, restaurants and opportunities.

It’s been pretty good to me for the most part.

JENNI: Real estate man, actor, model, personal trainer, comic and independent contractor.  Tell us about what brought you to these career choices.

TIM: I like the spice of life.  Why make money doing one thing when you can spice up the variety of your days, meet people across different industries and have fun doing it.  I love the creative side of things so I gravitate more towards those career choices.

JENNI: You’re about to make some major changes in your life.  What are your future hopes and goals?

TIM: Time to make bigger strides and go after some things more aggressively in the entertainment world.  My hopes are to be a successful working actor and model while still leaving time to do some other jobs like I’ve been doing.

JENNI: If you could only tell the world five things about who Tim Parrish the man is, what would they be?

TIM: How about 5 F’s: Fun, funny, fit, free minded and fortunate

JENNI: What is the most romantic thing you can think of?

TIM: Doing something creative and surprising someone with it.  Not using the power of the dollar to impress someone, but your mind and thoughtfulness to really show them you care.  This can obviously be done in so many ways, but sometimes people forget about simplicity of things and hide behind expensive dates to get someone interested.

JENNI: Do you have a driving motto in life?  What is it?

TIM: What’s gnawing at the back of your conscious mind every day that you have a passion for?  Go do that and don’t stop until you accomplish what you think you can do.

JENNI: Can readers contact you on Twitter and Facebook?

TIM: Absolutely.  Follow me on Twitter @TimboParrish and watch for a possible fan page coming out on Facebook.  You can also follow me on Pinterest.

JENNI: What can they say or share that will be sure to make you smile?

TIM: Just be yourself and hopefully be interesting with a sense of humor.

JENNI: NBC’s LOVE IN THE WILD looks like it was a lot of fun.  Is there anything you want people to know about your role on the show?  Can you say anything about your experience on the show yet?

TIM: It was a ton of fun and wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.  Basically, I wanted to just be myself and have as much fun as possible, make connections naturally without forcing anything and kick some ass in the competitions.  I am a goof, although I am a pretty confident guy, so as you can tell from the commercials that I let loose a bit with my interview questions.  Gotta watch for the results though, I’m sworn to secrecy.

JENNI: Did starring in LOVE IN THE WILD change your personal outlook on relationships and what is important in them?
I’m always evaluating the relationships I’m in across the board.  Whether it’s romantic, business or personal, there’s always more you can bring to the table to tweak them and you learn more about what really matters to you.  Nobody is perfect, but you need to understand how you want to position yourself in these relationships and who is really worth your time in the end and sometimes you need to cut ties or work further with a relationship and do what makes sense for you.  That’s how I do it.

Thank you Tim for being here today.  Can’t wait to see the show tonight.  Ladies I hope you’ll follow Tim on Twitter and get the latest scoop on what looks to be fabulous fun.

Remember Every Day to Dream, Believe, Create, Inspire, Love, and Heal.  The keys to true success.

Happy Reading!
Love Jennifer St. Giles, J.L Saint, Jennifer Saints.

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