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Jared as described by Erin Morgan

Touch a Dark Wolf

He’d crossed his thick arms over a chest that rivaled Atlas for broadness and strength. She lifted her gaze higher. He sat with his heels propped on her bumper, knees bent and legs spread—not extra wide, but he sure wasn’t trying to hide anything. Seemingly thoroughly comfortable with his nakedness, he stared at her with bloodshot eyes the color of iridescent blue topaz.

Sweat beaded his flushed face, and she noticed that he held his left arm protectively against his chest. Dark stubble covered his chin, framing lips that had to have been fashioned by Eros—or Satan. He had the most erotically seductive mouth she’d ever seen, the only soft spot amid his warrior’s features—chiseled nose, sharp cheeks, and brooding brow. His dark hair flowed past his shoulders, layered back from his face like wings of a predator. He looked like a deadly warrior, with an odd, gold-colored pagan amulet hanging on a chunky chain about his neck.

Now that you have read the description let’s have a little fun with my fictional heroes. The lucky ladies who have read the stories might have a bit of an advantage because they have a good idea what my heroes look like…everywhere. For those who haven’t read the stories, don’t worry, just imagine what the rest of my hero looks like.

Here’s the challenge. You’ve just inherited your long lost relative’s business in Hollywood. This book is being made into a movie. Below are the actors you have to choose from to be the hero of this story. Which one would you choose and why?

Bon appetit!

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