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My Werewolves are Revamped!

Touch a Dark Wolf

This is a celebration. After many years of persistent struggle I now have the rights back to my Shadowmen Series. A writer’s lot is life isn’t as easy as many believe, but the recent changes in the publishing industry have revolutionized not only the literary world, but also the life of a writer. I now have complete control of my creative works instead of having to twist my stories to fit the opinions of a publisher.

Let me explain it in a grandiose, but very visual way. To me, writing stories is like painting pictures with words. A writer creates a living tapestry that enables a reader to see, feel, and live another world beyond their own. What if Monet had been told he couldn’t put water lilies in his painting? What if Van Gogh had been told he couldn’t blur the lines of definition? That patrons wanted realism in their art and not impressions of life? LOL, okay. Maybe that’s going a bit over the top, but you get the idea, right?

When I first entered the publishing world that’s basically the way it was. Publishers had a product they needed to market and stories had to fit their idea of what was marketable in order to be published. If elements were deemed unappealing to the audience or if certain elements were desirable then the creative work had to be altered. Writers often had to keep their stories within the box of a reader’s expectations based on the writer’s previous publications. If a writer wrote mysteries then that family drama or time travel burning in their heart to write wouldn’t find an easy path to publication, but another mystery would be welcomed in a heartbeat. That was the reality of it. It is a business and if writing is your passion then that’s how you had to do business.

It’s not that way anymore. Writers now have other paths to publication that can prove to be even more rewarding financially than going through a major publisher. I’m still waiting for the viral lift in my career where the day job will be optional rather than desperately essential, but I know others who have been extremely blessed.

Now that I have the rights back to the Shadowmen Series I was able to go in and change back one or two elements that my original publisher insisted on taking out. Those with the special blood that the Vladarian Vampires coveted I could go back to calling Chosen instead of Elan. And I could now put back into the story the reason their blood was special. The Chosen are the descendants of King Solomon and his seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines that scattered throughout the world at his death. Reasons why matter to me and throughout history bloodlines have often determined the course of history. Bloodlines are especially important in the battle being waged between good and evil since the beginning of recorded time. To me, this was an important piece of my story.

And the best news is that I can now finally continue on with the series. BEWITCHING THE WOLF, York and Cassandra’s story, will be out in 2015! Then I absolutely promise that Sirius and Stephanie’s story will be next!

For Halloween I am offering an ebook of TOUCH A DARK WOLF free to all of my readers and please ask that they spread the world about the series. To go on to Amazon and Goodreads and leave a review for it. Also facebook posts and Twitter tweets would be fabulous if possible. Part of revamping the series is to get the word out about it.

Send an email to with the subject Free Touch.

I am also looking for fans who are interested in being part of my dream street team. You’ll get special prizes and perks for sharing word about my stories. If that is you, then include Dream Street Team in the email.

I’m looking for great things in the future. Happy Reading and Much Love,

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  1. Read all 4 of the Shadowmen Series they were well written and I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series. (York and Cassandra’s story).

    If you need people for your Dream Street Team I would like to be included.

    Thank you for writing,

  2. Ive read the first of your books in this series and am working on the second. I love them! I would love to be a part of The Dream Team.

  3. LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!
    Awaiting release of book # 5
    WOW What a GREAT SERIES!!!!!!!!
    Please keep us informed ….waiting with bated breath!!!!!!

  4. I was on the lookout for the next installment to this series for a long time and just so happen to find this message while looking for something to read. I’m soglad you will be continuing this series and look forward to reading it. Creativity no matter what form, manner, or media you choose to create in is best left up to the one that is creating it. Glad to see that instead of buckling under the pressure of conformity that you stuck to your guns and set the series to the side rather than give up your creative license, It’s your baby and should be writen as you see fit because either way some will like it and others won’t so do you and let youe readers decide what they want to read because they will anyway.
    Proud reader

  5. I’ve read your shadowmen series a long long time ago and I have been awaiting to hear what happens to York. I am so glad to hear that this series is going to continue and I cannot wait for York’s story and after steph’s story.

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