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Three Day Spring Fling Par-tay!


May 7-9th!

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Coming Soon are sneak peeks at HARD IRISH LUCK and COCKTAIL COVE  along with an exclusive interview with Tim Parrish.   The Man for the cover of COCKTAIL COVE who is starring in NBC’s Love In the Wild Season 2.  Follow him on Twitter @Timboparrish

Wild Irish Ride The Mistress of Trevelyan

“Wild Irish Ride”Jesse’s back for his woman. So is a killer. By Jennifer Saints.


“The Mistress of Trevelyan” Benedict frees her passions, but his past will destroy her in this historical suspense by Jennifer St. Giles.




“His Devious Angel” A devious angel works magic for two lost souls. By Mimi Barbour.


“She’s Me” Spirit travel adds a whole new depth to falling in love in this paranormal romance by Mimi Barbour.


A Night at Tears of Crimson” Welcome to Tears of Crimson, the New Orleans Vampire Bar. By Michelle Hughes


“Irish Moon (Moon Majick Series)” by Amber Scott


“Fierce Dawn” by Amber Scott


“Soul Search (A Soul Thieves Book)”  by Amber Scott


“Bloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire, Book 1)”  A vampire must choose between love…or her revenge. by Amber Kallyn.


“Dunaway’s Crossing” In 1918, the Spanish influenza took more than twenty million lives, and saved one. By Nancy Brandon.


“When I See You” Moving on begins with letting go and keeping promises. By Katherine Owen.


“Unbreak My Heart” Childhood sweethearts torn apart have a second chance at love. By Helen Scott Taylor.


“Much Ado About Marshals” Daisy wants to marry the marshal but his an imposter in this western historical romance by Jacquie Rogers.


 “The Warrior Trainer” A female warrior whose destine is linked with Scotland’s. By Gerri Russell.


 “Struck By Thunder” Romance as HOT as the suspense is riveting. By Taylor Lee


“In Deep Shitake” Mistaken identity, murder, spell trouble for a sexy PI in this HOT suspense. By Patricia Mason


“In Deep Voodoo” Woman stabs voodoo doll of her ex and he’s murdered! By Stephanie Bond.


“Husband Hunting 101” A woman takes a class to find a husband. By Rita Herron.



“Slave to Love” Whips and Chains? Dexter’s got nothing on Detective Mick McGraw…By Nikita Black.


“Dance of the Winnebagos” Murder, mystery and ornery old men-Claire is in trouble. By Ann Charles.


“Enemy in BlueTop 10 Legal Thriller by Derek Blass


“Bullets, Brass and Babes: A Thriller Anthology” By Various Authors.


“All Hallows Eve: The One Day its BAD to be Good” by Cristyn West


“Widow Maker: A Book to Just Die For” by Cristyn West and Elena Gray


“Dauntless” A Zombie-ish Apocalyptic tale by Shannon Mayer.


“The Arrival (Burden of Conquest Book I) One world. One man. An epic battle for an empire. By J. Thorn


“Moonrush: An Action-Packed Near-Future Adventure” by Carolyn McCray and Ben Hopkin


“Excelsior” The time has come to unleash the hero within. By George Sirois


“Ish: Getting the Ish Out in the Open Vol I of a Juicy Conversation Series-Amazon Readers Rated 5 Stars. By Regina Griffin


“Pet Whisperer…er…rrr: Book 1 of the Animals Talk Back Serial'” by Carolyn McCray and Ben Hopkin


“Muse Food (Recipies for Creativity) by Amber Scott and Jess Macallan

Lots of Great Happy Reading and More Fun News Coming Soon!

Jennifer St. Giles/ Jennifer Saints/ J L Saint

Remember Every Day to Dream, Believe, Create, Inspire, Love, Heal….Succeed!

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