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Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday!!!

Collateral DamageGood Morning Everyone!

It’s cold out.  The sun is shining brightly, and I woke up this morning determined to finish the dreaded synopsis for Book 2 of my Silent Warrior Series, titled TACTICAL DECEPTION!  More about this in a moment.  First let me give you the SEVEN SUSPENSEFUL SENTENCES FROM COLLATERAL DAMAGE.  Then I will address something that everyone both loves and hates this time of year…The NEW YEAR RESOLUTION and end up with TACTICAL DECEPTION.

Meet Sergent First Class, Jack “DT” Hunter from COLLATERAL DAMAGE

Shorter of breath and one day closer to death…

Pink Floyd’s “Time” hammered through Sergeant First Class Jack Hunter’s brain as he tightened his grip on the treadmill and ran harder, his heart pounding, his lungs burning. Rage tinged with fear made for a potent Power Bar that fueled his drive. Sweat poured from his brow and his body screamed for relief, but he couldn’t stop. Not yet.

His vision dimmed, and President Anderson’s address on the overhead TV calling for a swift but rational retaliation to al-Qaeda’s latest attack became nothing but a blur in his mind.

Life often hinged on the details, those seemingly insignificant microscopic events that most people trampled over obliviously.”

That is the beginning paragraph of the book.  Jack has no other choice but to damn the consequences and move full speed ahead when news reports of an American Businessman killed yesterday in Brazil surface.  Jack knows without a doubt that he killed the man two weeks ago on a FUBAR mission in Lebanon.  Nobody believed him because the body disappeared.  Now Jack goes AWOL from the hospital, determined to uncover the truth and gets more than he bargains for when he meets up with the businessman’s widow and two small sons.  They end up running for their lives from assassins as they unravel a global terrorist plot and Jack loses more to the family of the man he killed than he ever thought he had–his heart.

Read the full excerpt of COLLATERAL DAMAGE Here.

Now the dreaded New Years Resolutions…

Those one sentence killers that everyone painfully utters with their hearts full of hope that this year they can turn the tides in their life and accomplish their heart’s desire.  I took the plunge and made two myself.  I had meant not to make any, so that I wouldn’t have to face myself in the mirror when I failed to carry through with my self-promises.  But then I heard two, one from my son and one from a radio talk show host and I thought.  You know what?  That’s exactly what I am going to do.

New Year’s Resolution number One.  JUST DO IT DAMN IT.  This one came from my son.  A very simple motto with which to face the mountains of little things that never get done year after year.  A simple motto to face that nagging mess on my desk.  A simple motto to face writing the next book, or blogging on my thoughts.  Writers are extremely good at procrastination.  It is a job requirement meant to keep our souls in a state of torment because we are compelled by forces beyond our control to write, and yet abhor the discipline of having to sit before a blank computer screen until inspiration strikes.  But then when inspiration finally does hit us, writing a story is like soaring through the air with the wind beneath our wings and the sun bright and warm upon our faces.

New Year’s Resolution number Two.  MAKE EVERY CHOICE A WISE ONE.  A very simple motto to face everyday and every decision that comes your way.   Before you decide, before you speak, before you act, take half a second and ask yourself IS THIS CHOICE A WISE ONE.  Would that we all do it.  For now I am seriously going to do a New Year’s resolution trade with my youngest son.  I’ll tell myself every day to just do it damn it.  If he’ll ask himself at every choice if it is a wise choice or not.  Considering he just turned eighteen, maybe I will avert some of the angst of being a mom.


This will be Lt. Col. Roger Weston and Mari Dalton’s story.  For those of you who have read COLLATERAL DAMAGE, then you will already know who the hero and heroine are.  At this point I can tell you that Roger is willing to put everything on the line to save Mari and her unborn child, but between Mari’s radical family, a plot to kill the president, and a extremist out to kill them both, it might not be enough to save them.  But then perhaps Mari has a surprise that will turn the tide.  Well keep you posted on the details of the book and what is happening in my life here!

There are  a host of great authors participating in the SUSPENSEFUL 7 SENTENCE SUNDAY.  Please go check them out here.

Good Morning, Go Forth and choose Wisely!


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  1. I just LOVE your cover. I loved it when I saw it on Facebook and I love it even more bigger on here, LOL! Oh, the sentences rocked too. 😀 My husband’s in the military, so this will be a super fun book for me to read, thanks for sharing!

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