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Blast Away Winter Blues Today!

Winter BluesAll alone in the battle? Life kicking your butt? Is it getting harder and harder to stay afloat? Does the world seem to be spiraling toward disaster? I know how you feel. The winning lottery ticket would be a nice, but just a temporary answer to problems and not everyone can win.

So what can everyone do to blast away the blues? Reach out and make someone matter by spreading a little love! Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you’ve heard it before, but it is so true. I kind word, a smile, an unexpected hug, a call to say I love you, or any little thing that makes someone feel loved.

Just do it and you’ll be surprised at how the blues begin to fade away.

Then treat yourself to something that reminds you of the miracle of love and how love will always trump evil and conquer all obstacles. Since I’m a romance author, I will shamelessly suggest you chase the winter blues away with one of my stories! But, if you’ve got a special song, an inspiring poem, a favorite movie, then go for it! Feed that kernel of love and hope in your own heart.

Here’s my news to help chase the blues!

KAYLEE’S JUSTICE, CASE FILE #1, Exposed Series is now available for presale. The release date is Monday, April 4th and yes, there will be a party. So, save the date!  Crime writer, Eva St. Claire and FBI agent, Adam Frasier’s lives will never be the same. Excerpt is below.







Collateral Damage Tactical Deception

COLLATERAL DAMAGE and TACTICAL DECEPTION are now all mine! Check out their fabulous new covers. To celebrate, I’m selling COLLATERAL DAMAGE at 99¢ for a limited time. (P.S. Look this summer for the Silent Warrior Novella, WHAT DIDN’T HAPPEN IN VEGAS!)

Cocktail Cove

COCKTAIL COVE, a fun romance between an older socialite and a younger man will be 99¢ on February 23 and 24 for a Bookbub promotion that you don’t want to miss. So please share the news to at least five friends and encourage them to do it, too.

Coming in April, my short story ILLUSIONS staring budding investigative reporter Hannity Valentine and Magician Lance Van Rathum will be part of the special ROMANTIC TIMES LAS VEGAS ANTHOLOGIES. Here’s the link to be the first one to grab these fabulous stories by some fantastic authors.

There are several more exciting things on the back burner, but I will save them for my March Newsletter! So, even though life is smacking me down! I’m staying in the fight. It’s a new day, a new year, and it’s great to be here. Spread a little love today.

Love you all and thank you for your support. Remember every day to Dream, Believe, Create, Inspire, Love, Heal, Succeed, and Grow Wealth

Happy Reading,

Jennifer St. Giles, Jennifer Saints, JL Saint

Excerpt from Kaylee’s Justice

Eva didn’t have any more time to waste. The sooner she tackled her agenda, the sooner she could ditch Adam. She gave an exasperated huff and started for the office. “Fine. We need to hurry.”

Adam followed. “Your wish is my command. What can I do to help?”

“Crawl back into your bottle and disappear,” she muttered, turning off the lights.

He chuckled and followed her as she closed the gallery, set the alarm, and locked the door. Once outside, she slipped her dark sun glasses on and still winced at the bright sunlight.

Adam fell into step beside her, too close for comfort. The combination of his hard ass handsomeness, size, and charisma left very little to ignore and she fought for distance. “We’ve a fire to catch, Frasier.”

He arched a brow. “Frasier, is it, Eva?”

She ignored the silky warmth of his tone and nodded. “St. Claire will do.”

“We’ll see,” he said. “What’s this about a fire?”

“The one near the governor’s. Angel Banning lived in the area.”

Adam caught Eva’s arm and swung her to face him. “The rescued girl whose testimony sent Smith to prison? Son of a bitch.” His face flushed. “If he got to her—”

Eva shook her head and set her hand on his then quickly pulled back at the heat she’d felt. “No. The family moved to an undisclosed location before the trial. As of last month, their mansion was still up for sale. I pray no one has bought and moved in since. We won’t know till we get there.”

“Let’s go, then.” He led the way to a souped-up Batmobile-Mustang, obviously not a rental.

This time Eva lowered her glasses and arched a brow at him. Did the man have super hero aspirations?

Adam shrugged. “My father’s revisiting his teens. Even had to have the responsible driver talk with him last month after he got a ticket for Exhibition of Acceleration because he smoked his tires at a red light. He’s had so many violations that he’ll likely have his license suspended if he gets one more.”

A reluctant grin tugged at her lips. “Are we talking about the same sedate, bookish gentleman I met yesterday?” Vince Frasier’s bifocal, absentminded professor-like image in no way matched the muscle car.

“Sedate?” Chuckling hard, Adam got into the car.

Eva sank into the seat, immediately set even more off kilter by the deep, rich rumble of Adam’s laughter, the twinkle in his green eyes, and his intriguing cologne.

At several inches over Devin’s six feet, and judging from the fit of his jeans and pullover, well honed, Adam cut an impressive figure that filled space—fast.

He maneuvered into the flow of traffic, adeptly shifting gears. His knuckles brushed her knee and her pulse sped at the tingling sensations that, surprisingly, diminished her headache. Only being able to lounge in the angled bucket seat, and not sit anywhere near normal, left Eva feeling more vulnerable and oddly more feminine than she had in a long time.

She clenched her jaw and shifted her knees toward the door, already cursing Iris for disrupting her status quo.

“I take a left at the next light, right?” He kept his gaze on the road, as if completely unaware of the havoc he created.

Blinking, Eva refocused her mind. “Yes.”

They reached the light, but traffic to the left onto West Paces Ferry Road sat at a standstill. “Take a right and we’ll circle around to come up Habersham. The Banning’s estate is a few houses from where Habersham intersects with West Paces Ferry. Smith kidnapped Angel off of Habersham. She wasn’t supposed to leave the driveway of her home with her scooter, but decided to visit her friend around the corner.”

“I’ve yet to understand how evil so often finds that vulnerable, split-second moment of human error to strike in.”

“It’s because evil is always there, lurking and looking to harm no matter what the surroundings are. People don’t realize the monsters are there until they fall victim to them. Even in neighborhoods like this, they’re there.

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  1. I have been looking for more of the “Frankly, my dear ” series. Have book 1 and looking for Down Easy Street and Fly Me To The Moon. Are they out? Right now I’m enjoying a variety of your books and like to read a series together. Keep up the great work and effort. Really appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement. ? Diane D.

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