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A Time to Remember, Honor, and Thank

Memorial DayThis post is not meant to be a political statement, but only a realization that good and evil exist and battle in the world today, just like what I write about in my Shadowmen Series, good wars against murderous evil and the heroes and heroines are they only thing that keep the evil in check and good alive.

Today is a day to honor Warriors who have sacrificed everything to battle evil. Book 3 of the Shadowmen Series, Kiss of Darkness, is dedicated to all of those who serve in the armed forces. The hero of the book, though he has his reasons for being ex-military, in the very depth of his heart he is a warrior who will pay any price to battle evil and does.

The freedoms we have in America today were paid for by the blood, sweat, and sacrifice of those soldiers who were willing to give everything for us. The reality of this was brought to the very center of my heart by the tragedy of September 11, 2001 and the courageousness every man and woman who now serve and have served in the armed forces since America as a nation came into being. As I watched the towers burn and collapse that day with all the horror, hurt, and anger of it filling my heart, I knew that no matter what it took, I didn’t want to turn on the news twenty years from now and see the building where one of my children worked going up in flames because evil was allowed to reign unchecked.

No world is perfect, no human being is perfect, and no nation is perfect thus no battle fought will ever be perfect. But good and evil do exist within the hearts and minds of men and when evil takes root and murderously rises to power then good must meet the challenge or all would be lost. It is that courageous good that is embodied in those who serve in the armed forces. It is the selfless response to fight against evil that drives our warriors every day and enables good to thrive and win.
Have you ever asked yourself what the world would have been like had good not battled Hitler’s evil and he’d become powerful enough to control the world and spread his sickness throughout?

You say that would have been impossible and I would agree based simply upon the fact that good rules the hearts of warriors throughout the world and they stood against it.
But then, so much of me would have belived Hitler’s irrational evil and murder of millions couldn’t have controlled an army. That it couldn’t have ruled a nation. That it couldn’t have overtaken other nations and it did.

So who is to say how far the radical evil in today’s world would have gone if left unchecked. Some might say that this battle, this war wasn’t necessary. And I ask you was there or is there today any point that our heroes weren’t and aren’t battling against a murderous evil? It may not have Hitler face upon it but the intent to kill, destroy, and annihilate at any cost by any means is the same. I ask you at what point would you have deemed a stand against the evil necessary? How many more people should have been murdered to make it acceptable?

If good doesn’t battle evil then the loss of life is tenfold, and the the longer evil goes unchecked the greater the price to stop it will be. The war with Hitler proved these things true. How many were murdered by Hitler in comparison to those died stopping him?

How many more Americans would have died if our military hadn’t stepped into battle when they did?

I know that I thank God, Country, and all of our Military Warriors every day for the good in my life and nation even though it is imperfect. I honor you heroes in my heart and can never express a thank you worthy enough for the price you pay.

But I’ll say it anyway.


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  1. I realize that this was posted a long time ago but I am a newbie to your books and this is the first time I have been to your website. I just want to say that I agree with you on what you’ve said. The men and women of our military deserve all of our support because without them I don’t even want to think about where our nation and world would be!

    For anyone who questions what we are involved in I suggest listening to the song by Darryl Worley call “Have You Forgotten?” and I will also say this – you don’t have to support a war to support the soldiers who fight it. They do a job, a very dangerous one, for our counry and they deserve support and respect.

    On a happier note-I can’t wait until Collateral Damage comes out – gotta love a man in uniform 😉

  2. I truly enjoyed Collaterall Damage , looking forward to Roger’s story. when will it be released and also when will the next installment for the Weldon bothers be coming out. I read the first two and loved them both.

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