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Kindle Book Review Giveaway

Free Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Bonus blog post today! I did promise that I'd post little bits of musings as they occurred, so I am starting out on the right foot. I'm so excited to be part of a FREE KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY, so I'm thrilled to share that…

New Covers

My Irish Makeover and Expansion!

Four great announcements! I have a new totally awesome website!  It is amazingly beautiful!  Let me know what you think! COCKTAIL COVE, the first book in my Frankly, My Dear Series is finished and in production.  It will be out…

Tactical Deception

Open the Flood Gates!

Before I delve into the release of book two in my Silent Warrior Series, first let me share a wonderful experience I was honored to have just a few weeks ago.  Southwest Florida Romance Writers had their annual conference and…

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