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Darkest Dreams

Killdaren Series

Darkest Dreams

With her renowned talent for “smoldering sexual tension”, Jennifer St. Giles rewards fans of romantic suspense yet again with the follow-up to Midnight Secrets…*4 1/2 star Top pick from RT Book Club.

When you ride with the devil, the shadow of death isn’t the only danger…

Years of shielding herself amid historical artifacts has lulled Andromeda into thinking her mind-reading ability is merely a nuisance. Until her sister Cassie’s marriage brings her out among people again. The renewed contact is excruciating…and so are her wildly improper thoughts about her brother-in-law’s emerald-eyed twin, Lord Alexander Killdaren, Viscount Blackmoor.

Andrie has resolved to live as a hermit, but not before she sees to Cassie’s happiness by clearing the suspicion hanging over the Killdaren name. In her soul she knows the brothers are innocent of murder. To prove it, she must get inside Alex’s castle.

When she presents herself to begin cataloging his vast collection of artifacts, she realizes she is in over her head. His mind is closed to her gift, save for a single, breathlessly erotic image. His heated touch is like a dragon’s fire against her skin; his emerald gaze strips her soul bare.

Even as she loses her heart to his dark passion, she uncovers secrets that expose a brutal killer and threatens everything she holds dear. Her life, her sisters…and her sanity.

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DARKEST DREAMS, the sequel to the magnificent MIDNIGHT SECRETS is a superb paranormal Victorian romantic suspense thriller with gothic overtones. The story line is action- packed, but as with Cass’ saga, Andromeda is the key to the wonderful plot. Her “sight” skills tell her to run away and towards Alex especially in light of her belief that she is the next Druid sacrifice and he might be the one to perform the ritual. Fans of gothic and paranormal romances will want to read this beguiling tale. ~ Harriet Klausner

Two people determined to never marry is a plot device I have read too many times to appreciate it much anymore, but St. Giles’s approach is rather refreshing. And, though there is a very satisfying HEA for Alexander and Andrie, Darkest Dreams most definitely does not end with its final pages. It is obvious that at least one other romance is in the works and you better believe, now that I have processed the background storyline, I will follow it through to the next HEA as well.Lea Hensley

If you are looking for a love story that warms the heart, passion that sizzles and a suspenseful who-dun-it, you cannot go wrong with Darkest Dreams. ~ Reviewed in October 2006 by Donna.

Ms. St. Giles writes a good Gothic romance, which has evil stalking amid the shadows ready to appear at any time and cause destruction in its wake. Interspersing curses and Druid tales keeps the tension high, while the sexy encounters between Andromeda and Alex heat up the pages.

Unable to stop myself, I ran my fingertips over the cool smooth surface, marveling in the craftsmanship. As I moving closer, I accidentally brushed against Lord Alexander.

“It is perfection,” I whispered. “You can almost taste the fruit.”

“I agree, Miss Andrews.”

The urgency in his voice made me turn abruptly his way. He stood so close to me that my breasts brushed his chest. His hands settled on my hips, pulling me flush against his chest. “Forgive me,” he whispered as he leaned down, bringing his mouth to mine but not touching my lips yet. “But I must taste the fruit.”

I blessedly couldn’t read a hint of what was in his mind. I had no question what was in mine. Rather than speaking, I parted my lips and pressed my mouth to his. He groaned, wrapping his arms around me, crushing me against the hard length of his body.

His lips moved against mine then his tongue caressed my bottom lip. I gasped at the tingling sensation and his tongue delved further into my mouth, tangling hotly with my tongue. For a brief second I was shocked, but then the passion in him set me on fire and my entire being ached for more of his consuming heat.

I slid my hands up the hard planes of his chest, leaning into him more as I threaded my fingers into the black silk of his hair. I followed the lead of his tongue, moving with him and against him, feeling the magic and the power of desire sweep over me. The pressure and heat of his hands moved down my back then up my sides to settle against the swell of my breasts.

Groaning, I arched my back, searching to soothe the pulsing ache inside me. He broke off the kiss, breathing heavy. But I wanted more, needed more.

“Please,” I said, leaning into him, looking deeply into his drugging gaze.

His features seemed, harsh, fiercely intense with his passion. His voice was rough, strangely unsteady and vulnerable.

“Please do or please don’t touch you as I so desperately need to do. Have so desperately needed to do for too long.”

“Please do,” I said.

“God help us both.”

© 2009 Jennifer St. Giles | All Rights Reserved

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