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The Writing Process

Valentine's ChocolatesHappy Fabulous February!

There’s lots of love in the air and great things happening this month. First, I’d like to thank Romantic Suspense writer Pat Amsden,  for blasting me out of my writing rabbit hole and inviting me to take part in The Writing Process Blog Tour.  I love chocolate and will have to check out one of her books that look as if they are worth dying for. LOL

Next let me unveil the cover for my Valentine’s Day treat to readers, two sexy tales and you can hold your breath.  It will be out this week in two different publications.  I explain later on in the blog.

Tales From Mysteria FallsSo today, I am supposed to share with you my writing process.  Right now my writing friends are all laughing.  Their favorite thing to say about me is that I can complicate a walk to the mailbox because I always seem to have a lot of things going on in my novels (See COCKTAIL COVE, COLLATERAL DAMAGE, TACTICAL DECEPTION, My Shadowmen Series).  There are multiple plots, characters, conflicts in these stories and I love writing them that way, I rarely remember to use the KISS formula—KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY—when I get into the writing zone, but I’m working on that.

Right now it’s complicated, though.  (But isn’t it always.  Life is complicated. LOL)

You see, what drives my creative process is my love of story, no matter the romance genre.  So I write different genres under the pseudonyms of Jennifer St. Giles, Jennifer Saints, and J.L. Saint.

That means I am working on a mix of things at the moment, AERIK THE ETERNAL, Book One of my Crimson Thorn Series—Historical Paranormal.  HOT IRISH LASS, Book Five on my Weldon Brothers Series—Sexy Southern Suspense, and AWAKEN THE NIGHT, Book One in my Into the Twilight Series—Contemporary Paranormal.

The Long and Short of My Writing Process goes like this:  My ideas for a story come from all over– a song, a newspaper article, or my imagination gone wild.  The tentative plot goes into my pressure cooker brain and comes out way complicated.  I sit my butt in the chair, start pounding out the scenes, argue with my characters who never do what I plan, and drive everyone in the real world crazy—especially my writing buds.  It takes determination, a lot of trial and error as you work to sharpen your conflicts and characters, and a little insanity.

Many readers tell me that they lived the story as they read it.  Making that happen for my readers is one of my main goals when writing a story.  From humor to suspense, from passion to angst, I want my readers to feel the story.  I want their senses to come alive in a world they can see, taste, and smell.  This goal may be what makes me different from others in my genres.

For Valentine’s Day I have several sexy stories written for readers wanting a sensual experience.

WILD IRISH RIDE by Jennifer Saints is free!

TALES FROM MYSTERIA FALLS, my first two sexy short stories with happy endings, will come out in two different publications this week on Amazon.   IN TALES FROM MYSTERIA FALLS by Jennifer St. Giles. Then in TONIGHT AND FOREVER with stories by Jacquie D’Alessandro and Wendy Etherington.  The titles for the sexy shorties are COME BACK TO ME and DOROTHEA’S WIZARD.

Up Next Week

Wendy Etherington was born and raised in the deep South—and she has the fried chicken recipes and NASCAR ticket stubs to prove it. The author of thirty books, she writes full-time from her home in South Carolina, where she lives with her husband, two daughters and an energetic Shih Tzu named Cody. She can be reached via her website, Or follow her on Twitter @wendyeth.

Coco Rousseau lives in Paris, France. When not partaking of nightlife or attending  fashionable parties, she spends her days strolling through museums,  drinking cappuccino in outdoor cafes, and writing romance novels in her  penthouse apartment on Avenue des Champs-Élysées. A young widow, her  husband left her his entire fortune and beloved Porcelaine dog named  Grizou Belle. She and Grizou Belle have been spotted dining together at  Bistrot Paul Bert or Le Meurice.

Jocie McKade  is an Amazon bestselling author, scriptwriter, and journalist. Her books have received 4 & 5 star Amazon/Goodreads reviews.  She lives in the Midwest with her family and Diesel the Wonder Dog. When not writing, she grows ArnoldSwartzaWeeds in her garden, and camps whenever the opportunity presents itself. She is available for signings real and virtual as long as coffee is available. She also writes as Linda McMaken.You can find Jocie online at:

Here is a link to Andrea’s Writing Process Blog

And give a shout out on Twitter @jenniferstgiles #mywritingprocess

So enjoy your Fabulous February and stay warm with a steamy book!

Happy Reading and remember every day to dream, believe, create, inspire, love, heal, and grow wealth.



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  1. Something tells me you’d be a fun person to hang out with and swap stories with. Thankfully we all get to enjoy your story telling abilities in your wonderful books!

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