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Wendy Etherington’s Writing Process Blog

obitsWendy’s website is giving her trouble, so I’m being the pal coming to the rescue!  Here’s her delicious blog today:

My Writing Process Blog Tour

Thanks to for inviting me to participate! You can search for posts from other authors on Facebook, as well as searching the Twitter tag #mywritingprocess

I’m currently working on book two o…f my new Tally Sheppard mystery series. After so many years writing romance, it’s been great fun sliding into another genre. (For romance fans, never fear! Tally does meet a sexy cop as she struggles to solve a series of murders on Palmetto Island.) You can check out book one, MY LIFE IN THE OBITUARIES, exclusively on Kindle at

I also published a magical romance boxed set with two of my best buds, Jennifer St. Giles and Jacquie D’Alessandro. You can get TONIGHT AND FOREVER at Amazon for 99 cents.

My writing process is actually pretty simple—I sit in front of my laptop, stare at it, curse it, then type whatever pops into my brain.

Kidding—though not completely. I get inspiration from all sorts of places: TV shows, movies, books and music among a few. Some ideas work, some don’t. At the beginning of a story, I do make notes and plan characters and the overall plot, maybe sketch out a few of the scenes I want to write, but I mostly make it up as I go along. In the writing world, it’s “pantsers” (write by the seat of your pants) versus plotters. Pansters take notes on napkins, coffee-stained scraps of paper and grocery lists, which wind up scattered all over the place. Plotters have note cards, dry erase boards, charts, color coding, etc. I shudder at the very idea.

I learned early on that everybody works differently, and you shouldn’t try to force yourself into anyone’s idea of how you should work. Your creativity will definitely take a vacation.

And not the fun kind on a sunny tropical island with lots of fruit and umbrella drinks.

Next up on February 24th is Chris Marie Green, the author of the Vampire Babylon and Ghost for Hire series.

Happy Reading
Wendy Etherington

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