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Week Four Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday

Collateral DamageThe Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance—

I put this quote, that is often attributed to Thomas Jefferson, at the beginning of COLLATERAL DAMAGE because to me these seven words say so much about the world in which we live.  The statement captures  just how frail freedom is within the political and economic storms that constantly bombard humanity and how easily it can be lost.

I am not necessarily political, but I do have my beliefs, of which I will share two tenets.  One, as a human being I have a responsibility to be generally aware of what is happening in the world around me.  Two, freedom is essential to the human spirit.  I won’t get into my reasons as to why, but just to say it is.  This week, the events playing out in Egypt and rippling though a number of other middle-eastern countries, have once again brought home to me just how tenuous freedom in the world is, and how easily everything can change in the blink of an eye.  I pray for these countries and for their freedom.

Now for my Seven Suspenseful Sentences! from COLLATERAL DAMAGE!

Jack calculated that he’d wasted three of the thirty seconds it would take the spinning grenade of what he prayed to God was only CS gas to fill the room and practically incapacitate them both. Already Jack’s eyes seemed to burn. Apparently the bastard outside wasn’t aiming to kill Lauren, but to take her hostage—somehow an even scarier scenario because that meant they wanted something from her. Wanted something that they didn’t find when they’d destroyed the house. Wanted it bad too. He swung on his heel, reaching Lauren quickly. 

“Come on.”

What is happening with me this week?   A mixed bag of ups and downs.  I haven’t heard back from a job interview that I’d hoped for, but do have another appointment next week for something that might even work out better with my writing goals.  I absolutely must find a job, but I cannot give up writing.  It’s part of my heart and soul.

I happily finished the final edits on MIDNIGHT SECRETS which will be available from Samhain in April.  I sadly have not finished working on taxes.  My screenplay proposal did not finish in the top ten for a much coveted contest prize.  I’ve had my emotional ups and downs this week as well.  But all in all the sun is blasting my little corner of the world this weekend, giving us a warm sixty to sixty-five degrees outside, so I am just going to bask in that simple joy, have a BBQ with the kids, and pray that the miracles I need to happen will while I work hard to make my dreams come true.

So after you eat, pray, love this sunny day.

Go Forth, be thankful, and love freedom.

JL Saint aka Jennifer St. Giles, aka Jennifer Saints

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