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Seven Suspenseful Sentence Sunday Week Seven

Midnight SecretsIs he her darkest dream… or her most terrifying nightmare?

Today, drum roll please, I am unveiling the fabulous new cover for MIDNIGHT SECRETS, my April 12, 2011 ebook rerelease from Samhain Publishing, a sexy murder mystery that will chill your spine one moment then curl your toes the next.  This is the first book in my Killdaren Series about cursed brothers who encounter sisters determined to find truth and love even even in the face death.

In preparation for this release my seven suspenseful sentences will now come from MIDNIGHT SECRETS  For a longer excerpt of when Sean holds Cassie at gunpoint you’ll have to revisit Week 2 of Seven Suspenseful Sentence Sunday.   To set the stage for you, Cassie has gone undercover as a maid in a castle to discover the truth behind her cousin Mary’s death, a quest that will cost her more than she ever dreamed.

The sound grew insistently louder until I realized I wasn’t dreaming and the screeching was coming from outside.

Rushing to the window, I saw the glass roof of the gargoyle-guarded building glow like an eerie sun. That’s were the sound was coming from. As I stared with my heart pounding, the noise suddenly died.

What had it been? Had it been a woman crying for help? Then the light from the building flickered wildly, as if a huge moth had been pinned over a flame and someone stood watching it flutter in helpless torment.”

If you pre-order on Amazon or Barnes and Noble then make sure you put Samhain Publishing along with MIDNIGHT SECRETS and Jennifer St. Giles into the search window.  You want the copy with this fabulous cover.

Update on me.  The clock measures seconds but I swear a week goes by with every tick.  I won’t even get into the tock part.  You’ll see on my Facebook page that I ventured out to hear the band Personal Favorite rock a college bar in Athens, Georgia and I was really impressed.  Chris, the son of my BFF, Jacquie-fantastic writer-D’Alessandro, was the drummer.  Chris’s friend Gray played base guitar, and his friend John sang and played the electric guitar.  You won’t have heard of them yet, but I hope you do someday.  They were awesome.

Waiting to hear about the job for the cancer center.  I want to be part of a ground breaking program to bring wellness writing classes online to patients.  I could merge both my nursing and writing skills in an awesome way, so please send prayers and all of the positive energy you can imagine my way for this to happen.   If this doesn’t workout I may strike out on my own and do this, but it would be so much better to be part of the amazing group of people at this cancer wellness center.

And lastly, besides the “I’ve got more to do than I can possibly get done” situation, I have a new-for-me concept kicking around in my brain amid the dozens of unwritten stories hounding me.  That concept revolves around the idea of energy and the world around me.  We all project and attract it.  I decided that yesterday, after having a glass of iced tea dumped in my lap at a restaurant by the waiter that I need to find a way to change what I attract from the universe toward me fast.

Feel free to share your ideas with me.

Go Forth, Dream, Believe Create, and Inspire.
Forgive the typos and have a great day.

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