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New Year! New Start! New Hope!

The Mistress of TrevelyanIs anyone’s head spinning as fast as mine?  2011 moved so quickly that I feel as if I have been thrust into a time machine and propelled against my will into the future. Maybe finding that much needed job and completing Tactical Deception, Book Two in my Silent Warrior Series had something to do with the time warp, but I didn’t accomplish most of the things I set out to do in 2011 and wish I could turn back the hands of time so that more of the stories in my heart and in my head could already find life on the page.  This year, I am going to do my best to make that happen.

I am a writer who loves story, no matter the genre and have my heart in the past, present, and the future.  So I hope you get the chance to enjoy all of my novels because they are coming at you in a Big Way in 2012.

First up is new hope for my beloved gothics!  The Mistress of Trevelyan and His Dark Desires (The Trevelyan Series) are now available on Kindle.  Classic mystery and romance set in the demure, but sexy Victorian Age, where women emerged from the confines of culture and society to take control of their lives.  I grew up loving Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt, and Phyllis A. Whitney and love the tale of a romance wrapped up in a murder mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Samhain Publishing re-released Midnight Secrets and Darkest Dreams, the first two books of my Killdaren Series, sexy gothics with a touch of the paranormal.  Book three, Silken Shadows will be re-released in July of 2012.

In January, my scorching hot Weldon Brothers Series will get a new look.  So be on the watch for Jesse in Wild Irish and Jackson in Smooth Irish.  If you’ve never had a taste of a Southern Bad Boy Romance then you are definitely missing something good.

His Dark DesiresIn February heart-pounding suspense and romance will take center stage with the release of my military thriller, Tactical Deception.  Roger and Mari plunge headfirst into a terrorist plot that is tearing the heart out of America.  This is the much awaited sequel to and I am so excited to be starting off 2012 with this no holds barred race into danger and love.

There’s more!  But I will save news about Tales from the Dark Domain: Aerik the Eternal, Bewitching the Wolf (Shadowmen Series Book 5), and Hot Irish (Weldon Brothers Series Book 3) for later!

Thanks to all who email me your support and post reviews.  I can’t tell you how much your words encourage me.  You give me hope.

Bring on the New Year!  And never give up on your dreams.  Remember every day to Dream, Believe, Create, Inspire, Love, and Heal.


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