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Hold On To the Light

I’ve always found inspiration and solace in music. Over the years I’ve shared new artists that touch my heart. I have had a difficult year and one artist reached inside me and brought a light into my stormy weather.

His name is Peter Hollens and he is an amazing talent. For almost a year, I’ve repeatedly sought videos of his songs and his encouraging words. He’s full of energy and I’ve truly envied how easily he opens his heart to others and invites them in. He doesn’t market his talent, he blesses everyone by sharing his talent.

Imagine my surprise when I listened to Peter’s tribute to Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington–a man who struggled with depression and tragically chose to leave life–that Peter struggles with depression. Peter, who had been a light in my storm for almost a year, battled with storms of his own. To listen to him sing. To listen to his energy and encouragement, I never would have known.

Please listen to Peter’s tribute to Chester then come back and read the rest of the story. Here is the link to that video:

You see, Chester may not have known it, but he was a light in the storms in Peter’s life. I didn’t grow up in the Linkin Park generation, but my kids did. The band and Chester’s songs spoke to my kids and even got me with In the End. I truly believe Linkin Park reached into the hearts of many lost people and gave them some light in the darkness, or at least helped them feel they were not alone in their pain. I have to wonder if Chester lost sight of those truths.

My difficult year is because I lost sight of some truths and got wrapped up in my feelings. I have struggled to put words on the page. Not because my heart isn’t bursting with story, or the words aren’t there in my mind. It’s because I didn’t FEEL as if my writing mattered. The financial hopes I had thirty-some years ago have yet to materialize and between work and writing, I had no personal life. I FELT all alone and very tired. My motivation for almost anything creative became a small glimmer in a sea of dark frustration.

Have your own hopes and dreams never gained wings? Do the storms, disappointments, and battles of life wear upon your heart and spirit? Do you feel all alone?

Emotions and feelings are important, but they don’t equal fact. So, no matter how you feel right now, you have to also take hold of the facts that are as true as the law of gravity.

You may feel like you don’t matter, but you do matter. There is only one you in existence in the universe throughout all of time. You and only you can bring and share your heart, mind, and spirit with another.

You may feel there is no hope, but there is hope. Nothing is forever set in stone and as long as you are reaching, believing, and searching, or even if you are exhausted and just resting, life can change in the blink of an eye in unexpected ways.

You may feel unloved, but you are loved. Even if every person in the entire world turned their back on you (which I don’t believe is possible), I know a powerful creator who loves you and is on your side. He’ll never turn his back on you and he is an eternal light in every storm.

You may feel all alone, but you aren’t. There are millions, in every direction you can look who wrestle with darkness in their lives. Whether you know it or not, see them or not, they are there with you.

Does knowing facts solve your troubles?

No, but believing in truth despite your feelings can help your perspective on your own problems. Focusing on and being grateful for these facts and all the good things around you can help. Just as your flesh and bones need food, water, and shelter to thrive. You have a spirit, a soul, a heart, and a mind, all of which need their own form of food, water, and shelter, too. Feed them good things, for you just may be the light in someone’s storm. Your words might be the encouraging ones that matter the most. Your story might be the one story that reaches the heart of someone who thinks they are all alone. So, don’t suffer in silence. Reach out. You matter.

I have a signature closing in my email that I will share with you.

Remember every day to dream, believe, create, inspire, love heal, succeed, grow and share wealth.

One Matters!
Shine your light

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