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Happy New Year… a Little Late

Happy New YearHappy New Year to everyone! I’m a little late to the party, but what’s new? 😉

After starting last year with a heart full of resolutions and the fortitude to put them all in motion, I closed out the year losing ground on every resolution that I made progress on. Between car woes and setbacks that made Forrest Gump’s bumper sticker a truth to be reckoned with, I’ve decided to take this year as it comes.

Oh, I keep my gaze on the horizon. I’ll keep moving forward on an upward path, but I’m going to do a day at a time thing, rather than pledging huge advances. So, today I spent less, a plus. I ate more than I’d planned, a negative. I wrote some on a secret project that I’ll let you know about soon and I’m getting this newsletter out the door, a huge plus!

I’ve several tidbits of good news to share.

BEWITCHING THE WOLF, Shadowmen Series Book 5 is currently in the works.

Collateral Damage Tactical Deception

The rights to my military romantic suspense series under the J.L. Saint moniker are now mine. COLLATERAL DAMAGE and TACTICAL DECEPTION have been dusted off and improved. They have new covers and are up and ready. With the Silent Warrior series now in my hands you can expect to see more of Jack, Lauren, Roger, Mari, Rico, Angie, Beck, Holly, and Dekker. I’d love for you to share my new covers and hope you get a chance to read these emotionally satisfying, adrenaline pumping stories about real life heroes and heroines facing today’s complicated and harrowing problems.

KAYLEE’S JUSTICE, my paranormal crime story is done and will be out for consumption shortly. As soon as I can assure a release day, I’ll let you know. I am very excited about it. This is the first case file in the Exposed Series about crime fighting, paranormal siblings and their struggle to get justice for the victims they help. Here’s a taste to wet your appetite


True Crime writer Eva St. Claire along with her siblings, Iris and Devin, carry a heavy burden. Each, in their own way, see the nightmare of evil hidden beneath the surface. Together or apart, they fight to expose the darkness no matter what the cost. Though prominent, but reclusive figures, they live in the shadows, keeping their secrets as they fight for justice until the day the St. Claire’s curse will rear its tragic head and claim them as it had those before them.

In KAYLEE’S JUSTICE, Eva’s determination to bring the death penalty to killer Mason Smith thrusts her from the safe parameters by which she strictly lived. Now, that she’s in the killer’s sights, she’s forced into an unwelcomed partnership with FBI agent Adam Frasier as she races against time to stop Smith.

Adam is no stranger to tragedy or the death evil left in its wake. Driven by guilt, he works relentlessly, leaving very little time for anything else in life. He didn’t deserve it. When his father reveals a blindsiding secret, Adam has no choice but to investigate and Eva holds the key. But her and her secrets prey on his mind, only he may never get the chance to figure out why. Not when a killer has Eva in his sights.

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  1. Hello Jennifer
    My name is Krystle and I follow your Silent Warrior series. And I have read and re-read both Collateral Damage and Tactical Deception so many times that I am excited to read the next story. So I have been searching the web and haven’t read anything about the next book, my question is, is there going to be a book for Rico and Angie? And if there is when will it come out?

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