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What Would You Say?

What Would You Say?

What would you say? So the other morning, at a much too early of an hour to function, I had someone ask me one of THOSE questions. You know the kind I mean, questions about the core essence of life…

Kindle Book Review Giveaway

Free Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Bonus blog post today! I did promise that I'd post little bits of musings as they occurred, so I am starting out on the right foot. I'm so excited to be part of a FREE KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY, so I'm thrilled to share that…

Touch A Dark Wolf

My Werewolves are Revamped!

This is a celebration. After many years of persistent struggle I now have the rights back to my Shadowmen Series. A writer’s lot is life isn’t as easy as many believe, but the recent changes in the publishing industry have…


Wendy Etherington’s Writing Process Blog

Wendy's website is giving her trouble, so I'm being the pal coming to the rescue!  Here's her delicious blog today: My Writing Process Blog Tour Thanks to for inviting me to participate! You can search for posts from other…


The Writing Process

Happy Fabulous February! There’s lots of love in the air and great things happening this month. First, I’d like to thank Romantic Suspense writer Pat Amsden,  for blasting me out of my writing rabbit hole and inviting me to take…

Cocktail Cove

Cocktail Cove Release Day!

Dear Readers: After many years in the stewing pot and over a year in the kitchen, COCKTAIL COVE is finally here!  I can't tell you just how excited I am to have this story on the shelf and for Ben…

New Covers

My Irish Makeover and Expansion!

Four great announcements! I have a new totally awesome website!  It is amazingly beautiful!  Let me know what you think! COCKTAIL COVE, the first book in my Frankly, My Dear Series is finished and in production.  It will be out…

Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation

Spread the word and share the love!

WILD IRISH by Jennifer Saints is free from July 11-13th.  50% of the proceeds through Sept 30th from the whole Weldon Series (WILD IRISH, SMOOTH IRISH, HARD IRISH) goes to Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation to help women, children, and their…

Authors Against Abuse

Authors Against Abuse Campaign

Novels Alive is teaming up with Jennifer St. Giles for Authors Against Abuse to benefit Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation (, a 501(c)3 charity whose mission is to provide funding to education, enhance and support causes of women, children and their…

March Madness

March Madness Hop!

To celebrate that spring and love will soon be in the air, despite the recent mega snow storm blanketed the country.  I am getting together with a number of authors to give away lots of  great prizes.  Go here for…

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